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Lips & Bust Bundle ($68 Value)

Lips & Bust Bundle ($68 Value)

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Look and feel like a bombshell by enhancing two of your most feminine assets – the lips and bust! This deluxe duo features our feminizing favorites, Sublime Lips and Sublime Bust.

With a softening concoction of Manuka honey, hyaluronic acid and tripeptide-1, Sublime Lips gently plumps your pucker while delivering a serious dose of moisturization.

Complement that lush pout by giving “your girls” a boost with Sublime Bust. Daily application of this lightweight serum will firm and enhance the appearance of the bust, making it the perfect secret weapon for any plunging neckline.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Works great

I love booth produces they work great, thank you.

Gary Jones
Lips and Bust plumpers

I have been using the Sublime Bust for a few months and I am very pleased with the results. I even tried using as a lip plumper. It worked. When I got the real lip plumper, I have only used it a few times but it seems to work fine. I’ll work with it some more.

Robert Whorton
Lips and bust bundle

The lip plumping serum is really wonderful makes my lips feel very good. The bust serum is amazing i would have bet it wouldnt work but it really does. Will continue to use product though i wish the price were lower.

Stephanie H
Reviewing Cheeky Physique Lips and Bust Bundle

I am pleasantly surprised by the as-described Sublime Bust massage oil. I am fascinated by the effective bust growrh after more than one month. Nothing motivates commitment to self-improvement like steady Progress. I shall remain a loyal customer and begin evaluating the Sublime Lips product. Very hopeful for additional fulfillment of my dream.

Patiently Optimistic

I've been using sublime bust for about 5 months now in combination with supplements and pumping. As a trans woman I'm hoping to have natural breasts instead of having breast implants. I've seen a very distinct increase in the volume of development in my breasts, so I'm optimistic that this is working. I've been using the lip plumper for about the same amount of time and am still waiting for any distinctively noticeable results.

Valarye Thompson
I think it's working TBH

I was skeptical at first, but it seems with prolonged use, it may actually be starting to have a desired effect(sublime bust). The lip plumper was like a bonus item ,so I haven't really been using it as much as the sublime bust so I can't really say whether or not it's effective yet. I do recommend the sublime bust product though, it encourages the massage motion which also helps with growth. I would purchase again once I've run I out.


When i started using sublime bust i was a bit skeptical as to how well it would work .
Well the girls are getting a bit firmer .
Rhonda .
P S i have been using sublime bust for about 3 weeks now .

Product review

Both products are doing what they are supposed to do, and I will be reordering the Bust serum soon !!

Twinkie D.
Cheeky Physique products are SUPERB!

First, to explain the '4' stars for the bundle: I give SUBLIME LIPS a '5' and the SUBLIME BUST a '3'. The SUBLIME BUST has taken months (and several bottles) to show effectiveness. However, it HAS worked! The breast are firmer and therefore larger in appearance which has certainly improved my cleavage slightly. It smells SO feminine and feels nice during application. BUT BE PATIENT... Now, the SUBLIME LIP plumper is FABULOUS! It has shown results immediately and I am only halfway thru the first applicator. I LOVE the way it feels and looks on the lips. So much so that I bought 2 more recently when on sale. Lips are plumping and pretty. It can be used alone or with your favorite lipstick on top! Very gentle on the lips and you can feel it working. Overall very pleased with the products of CHEEKY PHYSIQUE.

About Sublime Bust

Sublime bust made my cleavage look sexier and I definitely feel much firmer! Totally recommend for girls who need a little extra volume!