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Bust & Booty Bundle ($92 Value)

Bust & Booty Bundle ($92 Value)

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Get yourself into hourglass mode with the toning and tightening duo of Sublime Bust and Sublime Curves!

Sublime Bust combines two powerful bust-boosting ingredients – pueraria mirifica and Adifyline “plumping” peptide – to enhance the look of your natural curves.

Similarly, Sublime Curves will have that derriere feeling totally strut-worthy via three key ingredients – Voluplus, maca root, and Uplevity peptide. The result is a firmer, rounder-looking, gravity-defying butt.


Customer Reviews

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Dangerous Curves Ahead!

I've been using the Sublime Bust for a little under 2 months now, and added the Sublime Curves to my twice a day regimen about a month ago. While I was skeptical at first, I am now extremely satisfied. I am definitely getting some real breast growth and definition now that I can see and feel when I massage the serum into my chest morning and night.

As for the Sublime Curves, it is having a faster effect than the Sublime Bust. My booty was getting pretty flat from all of my running, weight lifting and cycling, but I can already see it starting to fill out from the bottom and sides. Truly a great product.

What makes these serums even more amazing is that they're working quite well on a biological male. My wife is also very happy with the results so far, so I will definitely be continuing my use of both products.

D Johnson
Hope Sublime Curves works as well as sublime bust but quicker.

sublime bust is slowly working. It took two years of taking it before I noticed any change, now after 3 years I think I am an A cup working on a B.

Raymond Zepp
Two-pronged approach

These products are very smooth on the skin and a little dab goes a long way. It is therefore a pleasurable experience to massage with these lotions.

Now, the two-pronged approach is composed of 1) the local fat-building of the adifylene, and 2) the estrogen-enhancement of the pueraria. I like the idea of the two-pronged approach. However, it seems to me that the puerariam as well as any of the other phytoestrogens could be applied anywhere on the body, just to get them into the blood stream. The inner thighs or the wrists might be a better bet. Therefore, I would recommend two separate products -- an adifylene cream, and a separate pueraria cream -- to apply on different spots on the body.


I have used these products for a few years everything they sell works amazingly and always great customer service
Couldn’t do it with out them💕

About Sublime Curves

This stuff is magic! I am in love with my booty, now! Much firmer and a nice lift. I love it!